A Serious Pursuit of the Trivial

I am an independent trivia writer, editor and consultant with seventeen years’ experience of writing trivia for a variety of media in the U.K., Europe, U.S.A., Canada and elsewhere.   Specializing in content for television, radio, computer games, apps, websites or any sort of project.  I am happy to write individual quizzes or bulk questions depending on your needs.

I write questions that are not simply the run-of-the-mill, I keep them up-to-the-minute with topical content whilst including more established general knowledge.  I thoroughly check to ensure the accuracy of my questions and honestly feel this is an area where question writers often let down the quizzers – the ultimate end-users – they write for. 

Questions are in varying degrees of difficulty from the ridiculously easy to the seriously challenging and with a flexibility that will fit in with the clients’ own particular requirements.  I am very aware of cultural and national differences that can have a bearing on the suitability of a particular question from area to area

I have worked for some of the largest companies in these fields.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements or for further information.



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A Serious Pursuit of the Trivial